A change is not possible through only one unit of the society. Soon after starting RPS, we realized that in order to have a sustainable impact on these children, we need to reach out to their families and work together with them to support their learning process. Since these children often come from the lowest income strata of society, we had to look further than just their academic needs and help them with their health, nutrition and hygiene issues. In order to empower and uplift the community, we engaged with it through a number of initiatives:

1. Almost all our staff comes from Qayyumabad and we constantly conduct skill development workshops such as:

  • Soft Board presentation
  • Storytelling
  • Child development and pedagogy
  • Conversational and written english language workshops.
  • In addition, we also encourage our teachers to enroll in other courses such as Microsoft Office and internet usage to help them develop their skills and enhance their qualifications.

2. We provide our students a healthy snack prepared under our supervision during the day towards fulfilling their daily nutrition requirements and nourishing their bodies as well as their minds.

3. In order to foster a better rapport with the families and to engage with them, we started a periodic meet up with the mothers of our students who shared the challenges they face as impoverished families in raising and educating their children. The parents have always been very positive to any feedback and are always willing to seek guidance in how they can support their child’s learning.

4. From the very beginning, we have conducted special sessions on hygiene with students and mothers on various topics such as combating lice, bathing, etc. In addition, we have conducted several sponsored workshops such as Lifebuoy handwashing workshop, Colgate toothbrushing technique and Always feminine hygiene workshops.

5. We started after-school adult literacy classes at first (initially set up by The Rotary Club) for the mothers who were interested in supporting their children’s education and then as demand from local girls who had been left out of the system grew, we converted it into a full fledged program with a systemic, specialised curriculum that takes an uneducated person through all the stages till complete literacy is achieved and till they pass through their matric board exams.

6. Our first medical camp and polio vaccination drive was sponsored by the Rotary Club. Subsequent, regular medical camps have been sponsored by the HOPE Foundation’s where children receive a thorough medical examination and get nutritional supplements as well as follow ups and referrals if any problems are found. We have also held two free eye camps, sponsored by Jamal Eye Clinic and RescueVision where children were screened for eye problems and those diagnosed were treated at the respective clinics free of charge.

7. Several NGOs, private teachers and individuals from all walks of society are regularly invited to come and interact with the students and conduct workshops on various topics ranging from academics to financial literacy to personal motivation, etc

8. Roshni students participated in a cleanliness drive in the area and a beach cleaning drive on Clifton beach.

9. We also provide extra, after-school classes, mentorship and support to the senior classes to help them prepare for the board exams.

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